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Whether you rely on propane to provide warmth and hot water or simply use it for cooking, you need your propane system to function reliably throughout the year. This requires regular maintenance to make sure your furnace, gas range, water heater or other propane appliance is operating maximally. Legacy Propane is proud to offer convenient, knowledgeable propane system repair and tank repair for our clients. With general maintenance, we can spot and fix small issues in your system so they don’t turn into expensive or dangerous problems in the future. This is especially important for older systems.

Signs You Need to Schedule Repair

Smelling gas is perhaps the most significant warning sign that it’s time for propane system repairs. If you catch a whiff of propane, you will need emergency service. Before you call us, however, it is essential that you follow basic safety procedures. Get everyone out of the building, avoid flames or sparks and turn off the gas supply at the main valve to ensure that you are safe. After that, report the leak to us for rapid repairs.

There are more mundane warning signs that it's time for propane system or tank repair. If you have a propane stove, keep in mind that the flame should burn blue. Yellow flames indicate that the burner needs to be adjusted or that the air inlets are blocked.

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