Promptly Installing and Delivering Propane Tanks in Auburn-Newcastle, Placer & Nevada Counties

Legacy Propane Tank — Propane Company in Newcastle, CA
Whether you want to heat your home or keep your company employees warm, propane is one of the most efficient fuel sources for heating your property. Legacy Propane is proud to offer propane installation and delivery services to residential and commercial clients. Our business runs in the family, and we know that our customers are key to our success. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure client safety and satisfaction. We provide convenient fuel distribution with a friendly, professional touch and offer safe propane and tank installation, which involves multiple factors, including the location of the container and its distance from the ignition source. Our services are knowledgeable, timely and provided in accordance with local fire safety regulations and building codes.

Our Services Provide Convenience for Homes and Businesses

Propane isn’t just the fuel you use when you’re grilling steaks in the yard. It is one of the most efficient heat sources available. It’s a clean, highly efficient heat source for homes and businesses alike. Gas central heating systems can heat to higher temperatures than other systems and may last up to 20 years, which is double the standard lifetime of an electric heat pump. Similarly, propane water heaters tend to have significantly longer lifespans than standard tank water heaters. This means that propane installations are not only affordable at the outset but also cost less over the long term given their durability and minimal need for repairs and maintenance. When you’re ready to switch to a gas heating system, call Legacy Propane at 916-663-0763. We offer fuel tank installation, fuel delivery, propane tank repair and more to our clients.