There are many benefits of using propane gas instead of natural gas or electricity in your home. For one thing, it burns cleaner than any other fossil fuel, so it is an environment-friendly option. It is also much safer since propane tanks are much more resistant to punctures than other gases. Lastly, propane has a distinct smell that will alert you of a leak right away. 

Now that you know how great propane is, you can take a look at just four of the appliances that you should be using propane to power.

1. Your Stove 

Many professional chefs will tell you that it is much easier to cook on a gas stovetop than it is to cook on an electric one. After all, gas stoves are safer since they turn on and off instantly. With an electric stove, it takes time for the coil to heat up and cool off again. This can be dangerous if you have small children running around, who might accidentally touch a hot stove.

Gas stoves also tend to give you more control while cooking because you can use the knob to make the flame bigger. Electric stoves just have predetermined settings, making your heat choices limited. If you would like evenly cooked meals, gas stoves are definitely the way to go.

When it comes to choosing the type of fuel to run your gas stove with, propane is an obvious choice. It is flexible because propane can enter your home from anywhere, which means you’re not limited to where you can put your stove. Propane is also a safe, environment-friendly fuel, and propane stoves are very safe options for the home. 

2. Your Dryer 

While the initial cost of buying and installing a gas dryer can be higher than that for an electric one, gas dryers run much more efficiently. While electric dryers cost around 30-40 cents per load, gas dryers cost about half of that. If you have a large family, or you just do a lot of laundry work, investing in a propane gas dryer will help you and your family save a lot of money on unnecessary expenses. 

3. Your Water Heater 

Propane is a much more affordable and efficient way to run your water heater when compared to electricity or oil. Not only is propane gas less expensive than electricity or oil, but also propane appliances generally have a longer lifespan and cost less for repair, compared to the water heaters that run on other types of fuel. 

Plus, a propane water heater will heat up within one-third of the time that it takes for an electric one to heat up. Propane gas is also much safer. If it starts to leak, the water or soil around it will not be contaminated. 

4. Your Fireplace 

Because propane is easily installed, it is a great option for powering gas fireplaces. It is also much more efficient than natural gas, producing the same amount of heat by using less fuel. You can put your propane-powered fireplace anywhere: outside, in a bedroom, living room or wherever your heart desires. 

Running your home appliances with propane is a great way to save time, money and the environment. Not to mention that you’re also keeping your home a lot safer since you’ll be able to detect leaks more quickly. Although propane can produce carbon monoxide, a carbon monoxide detector will be able to alert you if the levels in your home are too high. 

Another great thing about propane is that you can rely on it to run your appliances even if the power ever goes out. To learn more about running your home with propane, contact Legacy Propane.